Company History

“MOSTPROJEKT” was founded 1952 as department for bridge over Sava river in Belgrade (Branko’s bridge). Main tasks of department were designing and supervision of works during construction of new Branko’s bridge.
As construction was finished in 1956 company was transformed to City government department for bridge construction. Finally company profile with name “MOSTPROJEKT” ( Bridge design ) was established in 1979.

For more than 50 years “MOSTPROJEKT” has been designing, supervising, engineering and consulting various structure projects, mainly bridges, industry complexes, tunnels and underground structures, retaining walls and structures, different types of garages, crane tracks, storages, hangars, communication towers, as well as other kinds of complicated and specific civil structures.
Company tradition is updated with its experts working today in “Mostprojekt”.

The most important structures designed or supervised by “Mostprojekt” experts are the trade mark symbols of Belgrade city.

„MOSTPROJEKT“ has maintained its recognizable style of company with dynamical experts. Experts who made the name of „MOSTPROJEKT“ are still active and are representing a necessary link with generation of new experts.

Company has 26 employees and 21 of them are graduate civil engineers.

„MOSTPROJEKT“ take part in almost every structures reconstruction project in country in recent years. Experts from „MOSTPROJEKT“ have been upgrading their experience by working abroad, on projects in Russia, Australia and Dominican Republic.

The experts from „MOSTPROJEKT“ applied their experience, acquired by supervising various projects abroad and in accordance with FIDIC standards, on many projects in country, which were financed by European development agency and in cooperation with companies, SW, WSP, „Cowi“, „DE-Consult“ and „Kamsax“.